General Operations Manual

Part 91 – Airplanes (Non-Editable)

About $95 Each – For High-Level Professional Airplane Operations

This is a high-level, comprehensive Part 91 General Operations Manual for use by USA airplane operators.

Instead of over a $1,000 dollars for our great, (and well-spent) customized, Part 91 GOM, we also produce an off-the-shelf, highly professional, manual for use by flight departments from a single, single-engine airplane to a small fleet of Gulfstreams and Global Express aircraft and everything in between.

This is very close to the more expensive, tailored, Part 135 GOM, but is produced so as to not be editable and can be put into everyday use right away.

WHY? A General Operations Manual is a highly political company document that is often difficult for a flight department to get all the cats going in the same direction–we know that from decades of our own operations, FAA inspector background, pilot and more.

This high-level manual meets nearly every need, for domestic and international business aircraft operations, but is really not generic, not like manuals even from NBAA. This is meant to be followed, to be used, to be the guiding manual for your flight operations.

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Online Full AIRPLANE GOM  The full airplane manual will upload soon.

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Part 91 General Operations Manual

Part 91 General Operations Manual - This is a high-level, professionally driven manual that covers your flight operations, records, organization and how you will operate. It is large and very comprehensive because it has to be, not only from an operational point of view but from compliance and even a company legal protection view.

Numbering from 240 to nearly 400 pages of well-structured, well-used, best practices covering hundreds of topics.

Part 91 General Operations Manual - Helpful Links or Comparative GOM Samples to Our Comprehensive Manual

We are really proud of our GOM (and all) manual developments, but below are some samples of others you might want to look at and see how ours compares.

FAA GOM Guidance