Part 125 General Operations Manual

Part 125 Operations

USA and Non-USA Versions

This is a BIG document and an online review here or a reasonable purchase on Amazon of the full printed sample would do you well in having something to pass around before you make a decision you are bound to for many years.

Online Sample GOM

The online version of the GOM, including the Amazon printed version, is of the Part 135 GOM, but the Part 125 is very close, only with different rule references

Non-USA Operators

We have used the variation of this manual in five countries without issues. It depends on what rules are to be used. We had a Russian cargo-only operation started in Syria in 2010 that was to use the EU rules, along with a later cargo-only operation in Afghanistan, again using the very detailed and complex new EU rules.

COPIES РYou receive and keep the PDF versions for electronic use or local prints. You also receive 5 final approved copies, though you may receive more as we go along with any changes.

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Part 125 General Operations Manual

Part 125 General Operations Manual – This is a high-level, professionally driven manual that covers your flight operations, records, organization, and how you will operate. It is large and very comprehensive because it has to be, not only from an operational point of view but from compliance and even a company legal protection view.

Numbering to nearly 400 pages of well-structured, well-used, best practices covering hundreds of topics.

FAA Brief Guidance on Part 125 General Operations Manual

The last update to the FAA online guidance, AC 125-1, is dated in 1981 when the FAA was going to roll Part 125 into a new subpart of 14 CFR part 121. While this is fine, this was before most Part 125s were airline-type executive aircraft and as such, there is limited strong guidance.

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