FAA Minimum Equipment List

Parts 91, 125 & 135

See the Prices page and coordinate with us on what you need.

We have completed the MELs for most of the Boeing fleet, except the Boeing 777, on down to single-engine airplanes and helicopters.

No contracts are needed as MMELs do not change often enough to waste the time and money on “contracts” for services you will likely never use.

Mostly for executive operations, but we also have cargo only versions and changes that would apply to turbojet and piston / turbine-propeller operations.

What MELs Can We Do

We have a library of about 113 different aircraft make and models of the MELs we have completed, but not all of them are updated so please send an email and ask if we have, or can do, the MEL on a specific aircraft for you. We should know within two days and then if you want can work up a worksheet for you to start checking against the aircraft.

COPIES – You receive 4 final approved copies, though you may receive more as we go along with any changes.

Online Full Hawker MEL Sample
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Minimum Equipment List

Minimum Equipment List issues can sometimes be troubling, depending on the FAA offices used and the combined experiences of the operator and the inspectors. We have developed complete MELs, including electronic versions such as found in Boeing Laptop Tools, for most of the aircraft. Our MEL library of completed versions is slightly over 110 aircraft types, from the B747 on down to single-engine airplanes and helicopters. We have not done a complete Boeing 777 nor 787 at this time.

For most GA aircraft we have past use, or factory guided (M) and (O) procedures and for the larger aircraft, usually using the Dispatch Deviation Procedures Guide (DDPG) and the Configuration Deviation List (CDL).

Starting an MEL

However, having said that we need the operator's input on what (M) and (O) procedures are workable for you. The (O)'s are usually not an issue, but the (M) procedures can be, so expect that you will have to work with our people to complete this.

To start an MEL we send you a worksheet that has information about installed STCs and a list from the MMEL that has the optional and variable items so you can indicate as to how many of those items you have installed.

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