Master Minimum Equipment List

Parts 91 & 135

With and without the (M) and (O) procedures. Perfect for all Part 91 operators and Part 135’s with single-engine airplanes not required by FAR to have an approved MEL.

No contracts needed as MMELs do not change often enough to waste the time and money on “contracts” for services you will likely never use.

Mostly for executive operations, but we also have cargo only versions and changes that would apply to turbojet and piston / turbine-propeller operations.

COPIES – You receive 4 final approved copies, though you may receive more as we go along with any changes.

Open an Online Full MMEL Version
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Master Minimum Equipment List

Master Minimum Equipment List documents (MMEL) can be downloaded directly from the FAA website below. What we do is take the MMEL, combine it with our (M) and (O) procedures, for most aircraft, and custom produce your document.

If you are a private Part 91 operator and just need to meet the legal requirement then maybe just download the MMEL and print it from the below FAA website. If you have a corporate Part 91 operation, needing only the MMEL (with NEF and Procedures) then this is a product that you should consider.

We also include our NEF program.

A Part 135 operator of multiengine aircraft requires the approval of an MEL, but the single-engine, and the Part 91 operators can get by with the MMEL.

You are still supposed to have an NEF Program (Non-Essential Equipment) and the (M) and (O) procedures, but they do not have to be submitted to the FAA for review or approval, which is why we provide them.

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