Training Program – Maneuvers


This is Included with the Helicopter Training Program

We have excellent templates for helicopters and airplanes, but they are just that, templates as you need to edit them for your aircraft and way of flying.

We provide you the templates and samples in MS Word format and after you have edited them we will go through and clean them up for editing and layouts and things.

Generally, you receive 4 copies of the final maneuvers in bound manuals, but you can order more anytime and the minimum order is ONE. So not a big deal to have manuals for all the pilots for only a few dollars.

FAA Usually Does Not Approve Operator’s Maneuvers

The maneuver manuals are separate from the Training Program manuals because they do not have to be FAA-approved. Maneuvers are courseware and subject to your determination and ability to change anytime without further review or approvals.

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