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Our pricing models have been fair and reasonable without contracts for business aircraft operators, management companies and airlines.

There is a reason most other manual providers DO NOT post prices. It is easy then for them to wait and see what you can be sold–sort of like sitting next to someone on the airline and finding out everyone around you paid half what you did.

Multiple User Manuals

Each manuals set includes at least three final manuals, usually four, and more can be bought very reasonably at any time. Others often change over $250 for “additional” manuals or MELs, or whatever while we provide them, fresh and new, updated, for less than $100, usually. GOMs and GMMs are more due to their size.

Timely and Reasonable Updating of Manuals

Manuals are bound and printed, commercially, and are easy and timely to update. Just change (which is seldom done) the chapter or manual parts and we, within a couple days have entirely new manuals sent to you with the updated chapters, tables of contents, etc.

We Start With Worksheets

Email or call for the worksheets. In the case of MELs we sometimes have to update our library of over 113 MEL master we hold, so that might take a few days.

Then, we will provide copies of manuals we see based on your conversations and worksheets and you go through and make further comments for changes, which if we feel it is not boxing you in, we will change and send over updated manuals. Usually there are few changes, and almost none in the RVSM, SAO and International Operations.


On projects $5,000 or under we have a full front-end billing to start, but in over 460 projects just through America Express, we had only one refund, just one. So we make sure you are fulling on board before we both go ahead. On projects over $5,000, after the first payment, the next is to 90% when the manuals are ready for the FAA, or aviation approval authority, and final 10% is due when the manuals are approved, individually or in a group of manuals.

Your Aircraft RVSM

Since September 2016 you no longer need an RVSM maintenance program or manual (long overdue we might add). Regardless of Part 91, 125 or 135 then the Special Area Operations Manual (RVSM, MNPS, WATRS, RNP airspace) is all you need..

You need an MEL if Part 125 or 135 or an MMEL, except in many FAA offices a full MEL is needed even for Part 91 so that the items related to RVSM operations are addressed to your company, so that does vary.

An International Operations manual is required by nearly all FAA offices even now for Part 91 if you operate outside of the USA. To that end, we have three versions you see below.

All the books (three complete sets of approved manuals), all the forms, FAA reviews, changes and satisfaction. Over and over and over all over the world!

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General Operations Manuals

New DCTs Could Be Costly Problems

Click here to see our detailed comments on the Part 135 Page

Data Collection Tools

GOM-125Pending UpdatesAdvanced USA large aircraft operations manual.Part 91 only
GOM-125aPending UpdatesAdvanced Non-USA large aircraftPart 125-type aircraft non-USA
GOM-135APending UpdatesGA airplanes - Part 135 with 9 or less passenger turbojetsPart 135
GOM-135BPending UpdatesGA airplanes - Part 135 for SE/ME turboprop and smaller aircraftPart 135
GOM-135CPending UpdatesGA airplanes - Part 135 with only SE/ME piston airplanesPart 135
GOM-135DPending UpdatesGA airplanes - Part 135 with 10 or more passenger aircraftPart 135
GOM-135HPending UpdatesHelicopter operationsPart 135
GOM-MorePending UpdatesAll Manuals - Additional copiesAll parts

General Maintenance Manual

New DCTs Could Be Costly Problems

Click here to see our detailed comments on the Part 135 Page

Data Collection Tools

There are several versions for operators with complex needs. The core GMM includes the first aircraft added and approved.

GMM-91Pending UpdatesFor mixed fleet Part 91 operatorsPart 91
GMM-135Pending UpdatesFor Part 135 with 10+ pax seat aircraftPart 135
GMM-135aPending UpdatesAdditional Part 135 aircraftPart 135
GMM-125Pending UpdatesAll USA Part 125Part 125
GMM-125aPending UpdatesAdditional Part 125 aircraftPart 125
GMM-150Pending UpdatesNon-USA Part 125-type aircraftNon-USA
GMM-150aPending UpdatesAdditional Non-USA large aircraftNon-USA
GMM-MorePending UpdatesAll Manuals - Additional copiesAll parts

Minimum Equipment Lists

Includes the core manuals and (M) & (O) procedures with operator assistance.

MEL-10Pending UpdatesSmall SE piston airplaneParts 91 & 135
MEL-20Pending UpdatesSmall ME piston airplaneParts 91 & 135
MEL-22Pending UpdatesTurboprop GA SE/ME airplanes Parts 91 & 135
MEL-25Pending UpdatesSmall turbine helicoptersParts 91 & 135
MEL-30Pending Updates9 or less pax GA business jetParts 91 & 135
MEL-35Pending Updates10 or more pax GA aircraftParts 91 & 135
MEL-40Pending UpdatesDC6/9, B707, B727, BAC-1-11, Convair-seriesPart 125
MEL-50Pending UpdatesBBJ, B737, B757Part 125
MEL-60Pending UpdatesB767Part 125
MEL-70Pending UpdatesB747Part 125
MEL-MorePending UpdatesAdditional MEL manualsAll parts

Training Programs

New DCTs Could Be Costly Problems

Click here to see our detailed comments on the Part 135 Page

Data Collection Tools

Includes the airplane and/or helicopters maneuvers template and first maneuvers manuals and the 1st USA training center program coordination. For Part 125 includes including training center coordination material.

TRAIN-125Pending UpdatesFor Part 125 interfacesPart 125 & Non-USA
TRAIN-125-2Pending UpdatesAdditional large aircraft training center coordinationPart 125 & Non-USA
TRAIN-135APending UpdatesPart 135 with any turbojet aircraft, including Part 142 interfaces and any other lower aircraft (TPs, Pistons, etc.)Part 135
TRAIN-135BPending UpdatesPart 135 with any non-turbojet SE/ME turbine-powered aircraft, including Part 142 interfacesPart 135
TRAIN-135CPending UpdatesPart 135 with only SE/ME piston-powered aircraftPart 135
TRAIN-Air-2Pending UpdatesAdditional training center aircraft after 1stParts 90 & 135
TRAIN-HelPending UpdatesFor helicoptersParts 91 & 135
TRAIN-Hel-2Pending UpdatesAdditional helicopter-specific template and manualsParts 91 & 135
TRAIN-MorePending UpdatesAll Manuals - Additional core manual and maneuversAll parts

Statement of Compliance

These integrate only with Nacellepubs manual sets and are very complex documents used during certifications. They cannot be a separate document from our GOM and GMMs (when used) and Training Programs as there is a full integration of as many as 100 table references pointing back to up to 800 or more pages in the mixed manuals.

SOC-135aPending UpdatesAirplanes - Comprehensive integration manual for non-turbojet, Part 135 operationsPart 135
SOC-135bPending UpdatesAirplanes - Comprehensive integration manual for operators of turbojet aircraft.Part 135
SOC-135hPending UpdatesHelicopters - Comprehensive integration manualPart 135
SOC-125Pending UpdatesComprehensive integration manualPart 125
SOC-MorePending UpdatesAll Manuals - Additional core manual and maneuversAll parts

Special Area Operations Manual

This includes the RVSM Airspace, MNPS, WATRS and RNP. This manual is included with the core RVSM Maintenance Program.

SAO-10Pending UpdatesRVSM, MNPS, WATRS & RNP AirspaceUSA GA operations
SAO-20Pending UpdatesRVSM, MNPS, WATRS & RNP AirspaceNon-USA GA operations
SAO-30Pending UpdatesRVSM, MNPS, WATRS & RNP AirspaceUSA Part 125 operations
SAO-40Pending UpdatesRVSM, MNPS, WATRS & RNP AirspaceNon-USA Part 125-type
SAO-MorePending UpdatesAdditional copiesAll parts

FAA Do Not Carry Dangerous Goods Program

This program in MS Word format is supposed to be given to you during a Part 121/125/135 certification and then you edit and format and complete as your own program for the Do Not Carry program. We customize this with your information, tables of related contacts, graphics, images, contacts for your location and more.

DG-10Pending UpdatesFAA Dangerous Goods RecognitionUSA GA operations
DG-MorePending UpdatesAdditional copiesAll parts

International Operations Manual

There are several versions of these manuals. The ICAO North Atlantic Operations Manual listed below is included with each of these.

INOP-10Pending UpdatesWorldwide use by all USA GA aircraftParts 91 & 135
INOP-20Pending UpdatesWestern hemisphere for USA GA operationsParts 91 & 135
INOP-30Pending UpdatesUSA Part 125 Operator Worldwide operationsPart 125 Only
INOP-35Pending UpdatesWestern hemisphere only for USA Part 125 operationsPart 125
INOP-40Pending UpdatesNon-USA operatorsNon-USA operators
MNPS-2015Pending UpdatesICAO North Atlantic Operations Manual (copy)All operators
INOP-MorePending UpdatesAll Manuals - Additional copiesAll parts

ICAO North Atlantic Operations Manual

This item is included with the International Operations Manuals and is a copy of the most current ICAO North Atlantic Operations Manual.

MNPS-201535.00Current copy of ICAO North Atlantic Operations ManualAll parts

Master Minimum Equipment Lists

Includes the core manuals and (M) & (O) procedures with operator assistance.

MMEL-10Pending UpdatesSmall piston aircraftParts 91 & 135
MMEL-20Pending UpdatesSmall SE/ME TurbopropParts 91 & 135
MMEL-30Pending UpdatesGA business jet - 9 or less pax seatsParts 91 & 135
MMEL-35Pending UpdatesGA business jet - 10 or more pax seats
MMEL-40Pending UpdatesPart 125 AircraftPart 125
MMEL-MorePending UpdatesAdditional MEL manualsAll parts

Consulting Services

Obviously, some situations are not covered and will be handled on an individual basis of time and materials and costs.

Cons-100185Hourly Charges - Our office. Two hour minimum for updating manuals, consulting or other non-linked help.All parts
Cons-2001,550Daily Charge - Includes travel days and all part days outside of our officesAll parts

RVSM Maintenance Program

RVSM Maintenance Programs are no longer required for FAA approvals. Consult your local FAA for guidance on operational approvals, which is usually then only the Special Area Operations and International Operations manuals.

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