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And How The Projects Are Managed

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Work Process Starting

We do not do online ordering because we, both of us, need to know what your needs are and if we are the right fit to help you. But first, this is not some UP SELLING scheme. Far from it as often someone thinks they need things they really do not, or that because we are used to managing most of the projects, even large Part 125s ourselves, a lot of things are coming with your project.

So we need you to send over an email or make a call to us and tell us what you feel you need. Then down loading and filling out a DRAFT order form is best so we can see what you have in mind. This process might be just 10-minutes total, or it may take a few days to look at things, especially on large Part 135’s, or most Part 125’s or most non-USA projects.

Email: info@nacellepubs.aero  /  Telephone: USA 971.801.4689
Pacific Time

Worksheets – We will email you the project worksheets usually right away so you can see what information is needed.

We can usually start a project within a day, or a few days depending on what (MELs take a few days longer as do GOMs and GMMs) and we can have the electronic DRAFT Master Files to you in a few days, put into your Dropbox folder on your computer(s).

Pricing and Payments

If we are sure we have what you need and you want to go ahead, and this might be an hour after the first call, not days and days, then we will link you to a payment form to get started.  We need to have the worksheets back and are starting on the project within 14-days or we reverse the charges and you will have to start over, if you want. That is why we do not set up for direct online payments, you may be paying for something, which is fine, that we are not ready to start working on.

In smaller projects, that is usually just a couple of days until you have electronic manuals in your Dropbox folder to go through. Projects under $5,500 need to be fully billed when we have started the project and sent out the worksheets.

 Non-USA customers will usually pay large projects by wire transfer, which is fine, but because of international banking regulations, those funds often do not clear the International/US banking system for about 7-10 days, while domestic USA wire funding will clear the same or next business day.

After that, on projects over $5,500, the initial billing is 75% of the estimated project (minimum $5,500) and (travel and other times billed separately), the balance is billed and due when the manuals are ready to be submitted for regulatory review, which is often after several reviews and redo cycles between you and us. If we are working a Part 125, domestic or non-USA equivalent, that is probably 2-4 weeks out due to the detail and background work involved. It might be longer if we are working on-site domestically or outside the USA.

Travel Costs

On travel projects, which are normal on Part 125 and some foreign projects, the estimated costs are billed and paid in advance or you may make and pay the airline and other destination costs.

Work Processing and Shipment

DROPBOX – You need a Dropbox account so we can give you a link to a shared folder where we will slide in the manuals, forms, documents or more. We might rearrange this from time to time as projects, with forms, usually have over 140 files in them and Dropbox is the only best means to share and organize information. DO NOT REMOVE ANYTHING FROM THE FOLDER. NEVER OR WE QUIT THE PROJECT. It creates a “Conflicted Copy” across multiple computers on our side and a major, sometimes days, to correct. You read and mark directly from the DB folder and can print from there. No reason to ever remove any files until we are done.

Initial Copies – If initially okayed we will order 2 production prints and you should have them in hand in 4-5 days. One will go to the FAA and the other you keep. If you find changes or errors (which does happened) then we will make quick changes and have new manuals printed and shipped directly to you. In the meantime you will have electronic copies.

The FAA wants changes, which is fine, and we will run them, put an updated Master File in your Dropbox shared folder, get your okay and have more DRAFT prints sent to you.

When the FAA approves the manuals, days, weeks or months later, scan the approval letter or sign-off and we will order multiple copies of each manual.

PDF COPIESUnfortunately, there is so much theft of intellectual property that basically no one, not just in aviation compliance manuals will provide PDF. We have thousands of projects all over the world the past 15-years (our principals have) and the investment in development runs into the $millions$.

However, there are situations where we will work for the PDF versions. You get a full electronic flipbook version anyway, but if a PDF version is provided it is locked and it has overlaying watermarks. Sorry, but that is the way it is to prevent copying or decomposing of a PDF and reselling the manuals. It does little good to tell you we have pursued legal, in fact in four cases criminal, actions against a range of people, from some ex-employees to contractors or operators. So disappointing to pursue that route, but if someone feel they cannot comply or do not want to risk being sued or fired from their jobs, then they need to find another source for manuals.

There is an upcoming book we have reviewed, a good one, title Aviation Crimes & Criminals – the expose that goes into some bad conduct, some even related to the UAL Avolar project wherein the FBI entered the case in the theft of our manuals.

Updating Manuals Over Time

When you need updates, which is seldom really and we have over a thousand examples, then send us an email of changes you or the FAA wants or mark up one of the manuals and send it to us. We will make changes, update the manual’s Master File and put it into your Dropbox. When all is done we will send entirely new manuals to distribute. Over 480 identical manuals for an operator has been our best effort to date.

Addition copies are inexpensive and take us only a few days to produce and get directly to you.

NOTE THIS – Once a manual is approved there is an ISBN number on the back side that cannot change, so future revisions, even if only a few lines, may have manuals with new ISBN numbers, so you could distribute 310 GOMs to crews and know, for sure, that every one has the most current manual all at the same time. No updating of pages or ring binders, every.

Depending on the manual, there may be a large version number on the front cover, staring with -1- (not -O- for a reason) so when you have manuals out to your people, or the FAA or management, or whomever, everyone knows that Manual Version -3- is the current one without any updating of ring binders.

As much as $50K in cash one time . . .