These are perhaps the most frequently asked questions for which we would have an answer. If it is certifications, whether with the FAA or non-USA aviation authorities, the answers are not clear and can be changing from office-to-office or the time of the year for government budgets.


Full Color - Inside and Out

The covers are full color and high graphic. The interior pages, other than GOMs and MELs are printed in full color with graphics.

How Long for a Part 135 Approval
Unfortunately, it totally depends on the FAA and budges, then the load at a FSDO and sometimes the inspector,

BUT you hugely improve the chances of your project moving along faster the better you are prepared and the more professional are the manuals. Try to go to the PREAPPLICATION meeting with manuals in hand, even draft one, so they know you are ready RIGHT NOW to move ahead.

How Long For Manuals to Us?

 It depends on the manuals, of course. Usually, the SAO, International Operations, and MELs are in your hands about ten days after the worksheets are back and you have reviewed the manuals, made comments and we have made any changes that might be needed. But, you could get a full PDF within a few days.

We use Dropbox accounts to put your manuals and forms and materials into so you do need an account that we can add your directory to on our computer systems.

Can We Have PDF Copies for Our Computers

 Usually, yes, but considering we must protect the intellectual property, or you would be having poor quality manuals from someplace else, the PDFs, if used, are watermarked.

Your Dropbox folder will have your current manuals and anywhere from 15 to 150+ other files (forms, applications, support stuff).

Can You Visit our Facilities Outside the USA

In most cases, yes, we can be, in an emergency (AOG for example) be in Europe or Asia in two days (usual is six). So we can be in Basel or Geneva, Switzerland in a few days for maintenance issues and the same to Paris or several heavy maintenance centers near London, such as HeavyLift or to Southend-on-Sea or others.

We are not currently traveling any longer into the Middle East or Africa as we had for many years in the past. Apart from the risks is the issue of the time, sometimes months, to get visas approved for some of those countries.

Can You Go to the FAA Offices for Us

This is, again, a maybe. We can go to the FSDOs, ACDOs and to the region with the operator in tow as these are your certifications. In the case of Part 125 certifications we can represent you with the NYIFO, or other IFOs, as we have in the past, with your approval as we have been the signature authorities on multiple large aircraft certificates, which is fine with the FAA, but not so much with the smaller FSDO needs.

The ACDOs and IFOs generally like having a consulting group, as us or others, with the operator that has experience with the certifications — helping the FAA move things along faster. But often the smaller FAA offices, with less experienced inspectors say they want only the operator (which is usually a mistake from our near two decades of experience). These are YOUR MANUALs, but creating them from scratch would be a near impossible tasking.

There is the daily charge including the added prep time on this end that can consume several days on each end. Travel and fees must be funded in advance.

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