There is a reason . . We work all over the world . . .

Gerald Naekel

There is an interesting story here . .

. . and this is my company, mostly. And there is a story and history like few others, good and bad and sometimes ugly too.

A CIA funded (and criminally outed) global covert aviation company . . . Put us everywhere after 9/11 . .

Some Important History, and how we ended up with the FBI and CIA for so many years . . .

Others could consult (and there are some good ones to be sure), but few, if any others, did the needed work, the new manuals, the interfaces. Within years we were all over the world; often boots-on-the-ground (even before the CIA years). And we were – ARE – good at this, but so too are some others you find on the Internet. We brought together skills, huge experiences as pilots and maintenance staff, with decades of FAA inspector time and more.

The processes of our technology, aside from our global expertise, is a seismic change in aviation technical manuals development and in particular the print and production process that eliminates bulky, hard-to-handle ring binders . . forever.

Anyway, the new CIA book, “They’ll kill you . . Get out!” has an incredible trail of these decades around the world and risks we took, and with the FBI at our backs – and still there, we hope.

Some of the free Aviation, CIA, and Military . . books . .

All are in Kindle (.mobi) and full PDF versions (not all available yet)

amazon-logo_transparentSome of the books are on Amazon, in print and eBook format and several more are coming to print in early 2020 – about the time I am eating crabs on a beach in a non-extradition country, maybe. But probably not.

Aviation Crimes & Criminals  / the Expose

The Good News is that not everyone is a cheating, lying, crooked individual or organization. The Bad News is that leaves a lot of folks and organizations that are; usually with some prostitute lawyers involved ensuring everyone –including their own “clients” — would be destroyed.

This book starts with the Criminal Cover-up of the FAA’s part in the Skywest mid-air collision in Utah in 1987. I was a senior FAA investigator and was nearly jailed for exposing the FAA’s own destruction of records, files, reports and tapes, and the criminal intimidation of FAA witnesses.

It goes on to the UAL Avolar business jet program and the UAL bankruptcy where, again, we find crooked, criminally driven (for money) senior FAA and lawyers. I had a seat at this table over about a year’s time and ultimately with a recording I took to the FBI, again. Sadly, there are too many crooks and thieves. Some are using and abusing passing opportunities, but others are out looking daily to find companies they can defraud – and the business jet world is ripe for such crimes as it is awash in money and no one willing to risk their jobs.

And many other first-person events of maintenance crimes (a lot of them), fatal accidents caused, and usually covered up, and way, way too many financial crimes that often resulted in entire honest businesses being financially destroyed — by a single person, in a single event.


“They’ll kill you . . Get out!”  

This is a book I think the CIA, in review, wants to see in publication. The CIA comes out pretty good, even in our troubling political times, but not so much the Pentagon. Over 300 mostly senior military officers had been sent to mental hospitals, to destroy them and it was taking an act of Congress to stop it. I was in the middle of this and had two general officers fired and disgraced, publicly. So into Argentina comes US Assistant Secretary of Defense, Debra Lee to personally get me up at 0600 in my 5-Star hotel to give me the title of this book . .

“They’ll kill you . . Get out!”

As the years went by it was more FBI projects and then the CIA global projects, with the CIA Deputy Director at my side (often) said our (GLN Compliance Group) developed covert aviation projects had gone “Right to the top . .” Was that Rumsfeld or Bush? It was that high and on multiple continents at the same time, often boots-on-the-ground with both Blue and Red passports, just in case.


MOHAWKS LOST –amazon-logo_transparent

Flying in the CIA’s Secret War in Laos

My FLAGSHIP aviation book (until the CIA book is out) and an Amazon best seller for years.

Mohawks LostStarting as a 19-year old Army warrant officer pilot, a Grumman OV-1 command pilot (later an IP/SIP) and over 500 combat missions, single-pilot, on a Martin-Baker ejection seat, flying in the CIA’s not so Secret War in Laos. Our unit flew the only armed Mohawks (.50 cals and rockets). We flew entirely in North Vietnam and Laos until the last months of the war. The high price we paid: we lost more men and aircraft than all the other four Mohawk units combined. A bad statistic.

I had 22-1/2 months of combat flying, with only a few short months between tours, until my timing and luck both ran out at the same time and the next day it was a medivac to the hospital at Clark AFB in the Philippines and four more Air Force and Army hospitals.

This was years of black flight suits, Blood Chits stuffed down inside our vests, two pistols, all the ammo we could stitch onto the vests, two radios, four batteries and solid gold Bhat chains around our necks. Within an hour of the smell of JP-4 filling the air you were in an alternate reality . . one that so many never came back from. And, in the end, we never got a single man back out of Laos — you go down, you are lost forever. Ditto the Air Force and Navy guys too.

Night and day we faced endless skies full of 23, 37 & 57 mm flak over all of Laos; often 6-10 guns at a time. The feared 42-foot Soviet SAM SA-2s brought down nearly 300 aircraft while later the heat-seeking SA-7s became a deadly game-changer and always, everywhere, the dreaded — and most deadly — heavy .51 cals. But, like the drug addict I became (adrenaline was my first choice), as did so many other combat pilots, this was full on war never seen on TV news. Nightly along the Chines border (sometimes across) to the northwest of Hanoi we attacked Chinese trucks and tanks crossing the Plain of Jars in northern Laos. With Laotian AC-47 Spooky gunships, Air Force AC-119 Stingers, AC-130 Spectre gunships, along with Air America operating out of Lima Site-20a (the most secret airfield in the world), we pressed the attacks day and night from the Chinese border to the entire length of Laos.

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Hangar Flying –

Business & General Aviation Stories

Soon to be greatly expanded and retitled . . .

I started as an 18-year old bush pilot, alone, in or over nine countries; sleeping in my Cessna 205 on an abandoned runway at Amapa, inland in the Greater Amazon River Basin. Then an Army pilot at 19 and into two combat flying tours in Vietnam at 20, until my timing and luck ran out. The rest are mostly stories from my business flying years and are of great and reflection interest. Some stories of aviation crimes, accidents and utter stupidity (besides my own).

UAL, Evergreen, Columbia Helicopters and many others too.

Some CIA (Evergreen), but an entire book on that “They’ll kill you . . Get out!”

Corporate jets, medivac flying, drunken Las Vegas junkets, politicians, accidents and more.


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Off the Coast of North Vietnam – 1971

Where would we be without a (true) UFO book . . 

This is just a chapter from the Mohawks Lost book. You can download a Kindle or PDF copy here. Download this short, 16-page, booklet (eBook only on Amazon) and let me know what you think.

It was in the wee, wee hours of the morning, not in any weather and alone, just a few miles off the coast of North Vietnam, on a SLAR mission and up pops an “Unknown”, an assumed Bandit from Bullseye (Hanoi). But within minutes this It had moved at fantastic speeds down the coast. The Navy launched two fighters to come up with me, while at the time I was already in a mission abort status.

The reading is worthwhile and true. For whatever It was, everyone had It on radar, as it had sat off my wing, at about one mile, for several minutes until the two Navy fighters came racing past me.

Tin Hats are optional . .amazon-logo_transparent

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We have a lot of really good, and mostly honest and very capable compliance competitors, but our history is why we have selectively done aviation projects for years.

And why we can only take a limited number of customers at any given time . . so plan accordingly.