Special Area Operations


This comprehensive and detailed airspace manual is included with our RVSM Manual / Maintenance Program and covers the main airspace issues all over the world. While it is seldom changed with few issues (great manual) with the exception of RNP-1 airspace, which may, or may not, require additional efforts.

This can be a supplement to your existing RVSM program or International Operations, but study the entire manual here in PDF to make that determination or simply buy a low-cost sample on Amazon and pass it around.

MNPS Airspace Issue

After doing over a thousand of these manuals since the very earliest of RVSM in the MNPS airspace, years before RVSM was needed here, we started to use the ICAO North Atlantic Operations Manual as the source for MNPS. For an airline, we have modified the ICAO manual to be company-specific, but that is troubling, so the MNPS manual is external and you can buy a copy here or download one free and print it.

COPIES – You receive 4 final approved copies, though you may receive more as we go along with any changes.

Online copy of SAO Manual
Buy a full, inexpensive sample SAO Manual, on Amazon

Special Area Operations

Special Area Operations manual is the companion to the RVSM program. This manual covers the flight operations in RVSM, MNPS, RNP, and WATRS airspace. This is usually approved as part of our RVSM program but can also be a stand-alone to your already developed RVSM program. For the MNPS, we run a separate manual (you can buy the most current version on Amazon when you search under Nacellepubs) that is generic, as in it is a copy of the most current ICAO MNPS North Atlantic Operations manual, without changes (so that everyone is on the same page).

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