General Operations Manual

Parts 91 & 135 Airplanes

Obviously, any Part 135 operator needs a comprehensive General Operations Manual (GOM) that is “accepted,” not “approved.” Keep those terms in mind.

We have the entire level of operations from single-engine airplanes (we have a separate General Operations Manual for helicopters) on up to global operations with 10-or more passenger aircraft. Usually, we will, after your worksheet and talking with you, hidden in the core documents the most advanced features so they can be resurrected in the future if you grow.

This is a BIG document and an online review here or a reasonable purchase on Amazon of the full printed sample would do you well in having something to pass around before you make a decision you are bound to for many years.

With 10 or More Passenger Seats

Besides needing a General Maintenance Manual, this General Operations Manual set is designed for large and complex operations but applies to small aircraft also. The 10 or more version, the Maintenance chapter is much smaller as so many items are referred to the General Maintenance Manual, so if you have a mixture of large and smaller aircraft the GMM comes into the picture as a clear standards document for your entire department.

COPIES – You receive 5 final approved copies, though you may receive more as we go along with any changes.

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Part 135 General Operations Manual

NOTE: There are now huge new DCT requirements in all the manuals. See our comments on the Part 135 page here on the site. DCT Comments

Part 135 General Operations Manual - This is a high-level, professionally driven manual that covers your flight operations, records, organization, and how you will operate. It is large and very comprehensive because it has to be, not only from an operational point of view but from compliance and even a company legal protection view.

Numbering from 240 to nearly 400 pages of well-structured, well-used, best practices covering hundreds of topics.

FAA Brief Guidance on Part 135 General Operations Manual

GENERAL. This section contains information, direction, and guidance that principal operations inspectors (POI) should use in the evaluation of an operator's General Operations Manual (GOM). The operator's GOM is a segment of the operator's general manual system. Part 135.21 requires that each operator prepare and keep current a manual. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires that the GOM contain guidance for flight, ground, and management personnel during the conduct of the operator.s operations.

CONTENT OF GOMs. Part 135.23 specify topics that an operator's GOM must address. The operator's GOM must contain the duties and responsibilities for each category of employee. This manual must also provide sufficient policy, direction, and guidance to its employees for the safe and efficient performance of their duties. In addition, an operator's GOM must address the policies, systems, and procedures necessary to comply with operations specification (OpSpec) provisions and safe operating practices. This section contains discussions of selected topics that POIs should look for when evaluating an operator's GOM, and which the operator's Initial and Final compliance statements may require (see Volume 2, Chapter 4, Section 1, paragraph 2-348 for Part 135 certification compliance statement information).

NOTE: The requirement to develop a GOM does not apply to a Part 135 single-pilot operator or a Part 135 operator issued an exemption to Part 135.21 by OpSpec A005 (see Volume 2, Chapter 4, Section 6, paragraph 2-460.).

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