Part 125 Statement of Compliance

Part 125 Initial Certification

Mostly for executive operations, but we also have cargo only versions and changes that would apply to turbojet and piston / turbine-propeller operations from past certifications with DC-6 and Convair aircraft.

This is our most complex document when it is completed as it ties together all the other manuals.

COPIES – You receive 4 final approved copies, though you may receive more as we go along with any changes.

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Part 125 Statement of Compliance

Part 125 Statement of Compliance – This is the most complex document used in the FAA certifications, both for initial and on-going changes to your operation.

Basically, it is a hundred pages, or so, of references to all the certification FARs usually using a hundred or more reference tables to a specific manual (GOM, GMM, Training) and then to a specific paragraph and line item or some subpart of an FAR reference.

We will work through the manuals, the GOM, GMM, Training, etc., with you and when satisfied for the initial submission to the FAA then we will create the SOC table links and have you make a fine and detailed check to see that we have the bases all covered.

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