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We’ve been doing this a long, long time all over the world.

Our Story

Over 15-years of certifications alone, all over the world, in all types of situations and projects, we learned a lot, and some of it was not so nice. Our guys did the first BBJ Part 125 (Mike Chowdry, Atlas Air), and then Boeing Executive BBJs, and UAL’s massive Avolar program, the FBI Flight Operations, and yes, the CIA’s┬ácontract fleet of aircraft. But we also worked every single project from a single-engine airplane and helicopters right on up. Certification, violations, RVSM, MELs and more.

And this can be an ugly business, as you probably know, dealing with governments, with inspectors, with aircraft owners and others, all whom have some stake in the certification and compliance needs–but seldom has any skin in the game as to how and when and how much things should cost or be done.

We have been there and done that, unfortunately at times.

We do this, too, because . . .


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Wherever you are . .

Wherever you are in the world, whatever your issues, we have probably waded in and helped . .